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Creata, a global brand, more than forty years, we have designed campaigns, programs and products that connect brands with consumers at the intersection of play.



Have expertly put the power of play to work for the world’s leading marketers such as Kellogg's, Coca-Cola and more.

Kevuru Games - create exceptional products that stand out and provide maximum satisfaction to our customers.



Stand shoulder to shoulder with clients working on the most striking projects. Customers are among the top 10 global publishers of digital entertainment.

Artrik is a 3D interior designing firm providing services for Interior designers, building constructors, Architects, contractors & house owners since 2017.

Artrik helps to showcase 3d designs while capturing the imagination according to client requirements.


Tech entrepreneurs with a great mission in mind —

help up-and-coming companies and SME businesses turn their dreams into profitable ventures.

Inspired by this ambitious goal, we help clients across the globe to launch next-generation products that have a meaningful impact on the IT industry.

DISKIN is a multidisciplinary design firm focusing on

content-driven, state-of-the-art solutions that emphasize immersive spatial design experiences.




With a background in tech, DISKIN brings over three decades of work that puts audiences at the center of immersive narratives of space.

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